10 clés de succès pour créer sa marketplace B2B

What is the potential of B2B marketplaces in the age of digitalization?


10 clés de succès pour créer sa marketplace B2B

The use of marketplaces has become a consumer reflex, disrupting many markets. B2B is no exception!

More and more professionals are adopting this digital transformation tool, which was able to adapt to B2B specificities.

Online selling, circular economy platform, e-procurement management... The marketplace model represents a huge potential for B2B companies, as you will discover in this white paper.

We have combined our expertise - the consulting aspect of Wavestone, the technical know-how of Wizaplace and the financial flow management of Lemon Way - to present:

 The main types of B2B marketplaces

 Use cases illustrating the application of the B2B marketplace model

 B2B vs B2C marketplaces

 Managing payments on a B2B platform

About Wizaplace

Created in 2012, Wizaplace is an all-in-one platform to create your marketplace.

The solution integrates in a single environment all the functions to build and manage a marketplace, B2B and B2C. The solution integrates an administrator back office to operate the platform on a day-to-day basis, a back office dedicated to the salespeople allowing them to manage their catalogues and day-to-day activities and a front office, a showcase for the marketplace.
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